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We are a American courier service with a lot years of experience in the transfer and document management and parcel service to the most dynamic economic sectors of the country, forming a team with private companies, international organizations, embassies and public institutions.

Our operating infrastructure is based on the fact that businesses, customers and the world are constantly evolving, demanding products and services that respond to the needs of the market.

We serve from a delivery to high volumes of correspondence and / or packages in the required times.

Our services are provided by a select group of experts in the field of their functions and focused on customer service

Advantage - By choosing us we not only support you to achieve the most efficient distribution chain but you can also:

  • Sell ​​more.
  • Charge more and better;
  • Reduce your expenses.
  • Increase control over your processes.
  • Personalized service.
  • Hiring fast track of the service.


We are proud to put our service lines at your disposal, which can easily be combined with each other or individually chosen for each of them.

We are based in:

Courier Service Miami

Courier Service Orlando

Courier Service Jacksonville

Courier Service Tampa

How do we get your packages delivered?

Our messengers will take the fastest route and the quickest means of transporting your package from point A to point B. This sound simple at first until you take into consideration factors such as train delays, messenger center schedules for receiving packages, consolidation of deliveries in order to keep cost down, couriers ready to leave at a moment’s notice etc.

As in any service business the most important element is the human factor. How do we motivate our people to make your deliveries their priority? The answer is we value our employees and they value the work in exchange. That is how we ultimately control what happens in the process of your delivery. There is never a substitute for an individual who WANTS to get the job done. At Need It Now Courier our team wants to get your delivery completed on time and in tact. And we know how to do it!


NEED IT NOW provides local and long-distance trucking to and from any location in the United States and Canada. 
Jobs are priced based upon weight and distance.
Trucking, vehicle and ground transportation include:

  • Rush and pre-scheduled delivery
  • Light and heavy trucking(cargo vans to liftgates)
  • Line haul from pick up locations to airports and other designated locations
  • Expedited ground services
  • LTL (Less than Truckload)
  • Late-night delivery — we are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Truckload

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